Knowledge isn’t useful until you can apply it

Making mistakes is a potent part of the learning process. I love not invasive competitive sports. First time when I was learning foil fencing, there was some tutorial videos on  how to manipulate with slightest move in  order to gain scores. After the training finished, i was watching these types of videos. Well, actually did not practice in real life just imagined how i should move my wrists.

So watching tutorials means spending time, but was not effective as I expected.

Then added practice, just after the session. Gradually, the results were seen.

Knowledge isn’t useful until you can apply it. It is the big difference just to know something and actual practice.

Digital age

As a millennial I tend to try my best to balance between my private life and career life.

Well from the point of view as a citizenship of developing country I can not allow myself just relax and have fun. Excuse my poor english I am working on it too^^

As mentioned in the other articles, plus my opinion is added in this digital age we have borderless possibilities to learn for free, but also be easily distracted.

Just an hour ago  I was reading a book about how Mongolians come to this day. Kind of our ancestors and history. No wonder why our mentality freezed for a long time compared to other countries started from the same chapter that we were some day.

We need some big change> From the root.

Life in a developing country, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar

Still wondering what’s my main purpose in life living in a developing country. What’s my contribution, do I need to contribute? Why not just live the way i was living before, doing my own staff. But deep inside me my heart or my brain whispers me to initiate something at least launch something meaningful. So that others will continue and develop into prosperous future.

I can see through that there are so many things need to be done>

But first need fundament of same VALUE.

to be continued…